About Me

Benjamin Roberts, LMFT


Benjamin Roberts, a dynamic Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, lends his rich counseling background to various media, direct therapy, ministerial, and corporate programs designed to provide immediate and lasting care to those in distress.  His compassion and good humor highlight his innovative approach whether he is preaching live stream every Sunday morning from his pulpit at the West Eastland Church of Christ in Gallatin, Tennessee, or improving the lives of thousands of Hurricane Katrina & Rita survivors through his efforts of developing and coordinating an Employee Assistance Program for a Louisiana-based contracting company whose impact expanded far beyond the normal scope of its FEMA contract.

Ben is a Military and Family Life Counselor supervisor for several Military installations in the country. A military and family Life Counselor provides non-medical, short-term, situational problem-solving counseling to Service Members and their families. He also provides psychoeducation to help Counselors, Service Members, and their families understand the impact of stress, deployment, family reunions following deployments, and the stresses of military life. Services are provided to individuals, couples, families, and groups in anger management, communication, relationship issues, productivity at work, conflict resolution, parenting, and decision-making skills.

He is a co-partner of Life Coping Skills, conducting workshops/seminars for churches and businesses nationwide.  Ben is Executive Vice President and Clinical Director of Holistic Lifestyle Partners, Inc.  Ben’s expertise is sought by state, national, and international conferences, including the 100 Black Men of America’s National Conference for three consecutive years and Dr. Brenda Wade's International Love & Money Summit.

Ben established himself as an educator by successfully teaching six-grade problematic students in Levy County, Florida, and he established the McKnight Achievers Program. This program identified and held award ceremonies every grading period for all A/B minority students. Ben also served as an Instructor at Webster College in Gainesville, Florida.



His education includes Lipscomb University, Harding University School of Theology, Bethany Theological Seminary, Liberty University, and Amridge University.